Keiun Beauty Shears, Damascus Steel is made from a process that uses 2 types of cobalt-stainless steel alloys that is repeatedly folded and tempered. The Alto NY Shear is like the original Damascus Shear but with less layers to it resulting in a more affortable but still high quality shear. 

The result of this unique forging method is a extremely pure metal structure that combines strength without loss of flexibility, a unique dampening property (which transmits the cutting feel), and a strikingly beautiful water flow pattern.

Only skilled metalsmiths can manipulate the alloys during the folding and tempering process.

The result is a beautifully hand-worked shear with a one-of-a-kind grain pattern, and the highest available cutting performance in a hairdressing shear.

Available in 5.0″ 5.5″  and 6.0″ with these features