Proper Care and Maintenance of Hair Scissors

Xtreme Shears   Hair scissors and Grooming Shears Kamisori FeatherLite Hair Scissors Proper Care and Maintenance of Hair Scissors

Hair scissors and grooming shears are an expensive investment and should be cared for and maintained for long performance.

Xtreme Shears   Hair scissors and Grooming Shears Passion Super Cobalt Omega 300x130 Proper Care and Maintenance of Hair Scissors• Cut only hair with your hair cutting scissors, never use them for items such as fabrics, paper, etc.
• After each haircut, wipe the blades of your hair cutting scissors with a soft, dry cloth or tissue to remove moisture and hair. This will eliminate the possibility of corrosion – even stainless steel blades can corrode.
• Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove any styling aid residue being careful of those sharp edges.
• Plan to oil and clean the pivot area at least weekly, daily is preferred with heavy use. To clean the pivot area, dental floss does an amazing job of cleaning hair and debris which can accumulate there. Always use oil that is for shears, not oil for clippers.
• Shear adjustment is a personal choice, doing what is comfortable in your hand. Adjusting a shear is done by tightening or loosening the adjusting as directed by the manufacturer; however never over tighten your shears as this can cause damage to the blades.
• A final suggestion is about storing and using your special shears. Many hairdressers set the scissors on a table near them which allows the hairdresser to grab the shears when needed. Sharpeners are called frequently because the “quick grab” caused the scissors to fall to the floor, damaging them. Our suggestion is to try one of our holsters. Worn at the waist, they come in many styles, shapes and colors and are easy to get the shears quickly and easily. Additionally, store and transport your scissors in cases or pouches with the blades closed.
• Are your shears insured? If so, record identifying marks and serial numbers – better yet, a photograph!