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Pet Groomers

Hair Scissors, Beauty Shears, Thinners, and Texturizers! Our manufactures are Kenchii, Jaguar, Passion Beauty, Wolff, Kyoto, Yasaka, Jonetsu, Kikui, Passopn, Akkohs, Keiun, YS Park, Sanbi and more.

Hair Products

Hair Products

Professional pet grooming shears, thinners and accessories, as well as left-hand grooming shears, Our selection of Kenchii, Washi, Wolff and Show Gear are the best on the market today.

Pet Grooming


Brushes and Combs, Clipper blades, Razors, Hair Dryers, Irons, Scissor Holsters, Scissors Cases, Brushes, Finger Inserts. We feature Kenchii, Jaguar, Show Gear, Washi, Y.S. Park and others.


Who We Are

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    Serving salons and pet groomers since 2009

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    Direct distributors for Kenchii, Jaguar, Washi, Wolff, Kyoto, Yasaka, Jonetsu, Kikui, Passion, Keiun, YS Park, Sanbi and Show Gear

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    Direct Shipping

    All products are shipped directly to you from the manufacturer which assures less handling and guarantee of their authentic product, not an imitation.

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    Maximum discounts allowed by the manufacturer

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    …on all orders of $100 or more!